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The object of the project studies comes as a result of fruitful collaboration between researchers who represent different areas of research. The project teams are formed in such a way as to be able to provide mutually complementary results with efficiency of the studies enhanced due to the synergism effect. In compliance with this, all project research activities are carried out in an environment of close co-operation between the French and Ukrainian teams which include physicists, chemists, and physico-chemists.

NATO country project director

Dr. Eric Faulques





Partner country project director

Prof. Gennadii Kamarchuk






The project deals with research and development of advanced quantum sensor devices for defence against chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear agents and explosives (CBRNE). It is based on the fine mixture of the fundamental and applied science which emerged thanks to the application of Yanson point-contact spectroscopy and point-contact gas-sensitive effect to sensor technique. The distinctive feature of the project is the proposed know-how and new original areas in sensor science which have no analogues in the world. The project will help the development of innovative quantum technologies operating at the cutting edge of the detection limit of sensor devices.



of the NATO SPS Programme


«Selective quantum sensor for detection of CBRN agents

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